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The New Silkys IPL Laser Hair Removal Device Is The Best Way To Remove Unwanted Hair!
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Silkys Laser Hair Removal Handset

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IPL Hair Remover x 1 PC

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Enjoy your summer and stop unwanted hair growth at  home with our new IPL hair removal handset.

Our new technology has been designed to deliver effective and long lasting hair removal at home, with results just in 4 weeks. Complete body

treatment takes less then 45 minutes, once a week.

You can use it anywhere on your body, including the face & bikini area.

You can achieve exceptional results at home with no hidden costs or refills over a fraction of the cost, compared to clinical laser hair removal.

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Try It Risk-Free For 90 Days | Free Shipping Globally

Enjoy your summer

Stop Unwanted Hair with Our New Ipl Hair Removal Handset.

Easy & fast

Treatment Takes Less Then 45 Minutes, Once a Week.

DIY at Home Laser Hair Removal Handset

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Our Portable Laser Hair Removal Device

IPL laser hair removal device is a multifunctional device that not only removes unwanted hair but also solves some skin problems, including removing spider veins and removing tattoos.

 The device comes with a set of nozzles with different wavelengths, designed for different purposes. Due to the low power level, the device leaves no residue after use, and also eliminates the risk of burns.

What Technology does Portable Laser Hair Removal Handsets use?

IPL Laser hair Removal Device uses IPL technology which emits a broad-spectrum light that’s scattered across your skin to help with long-term hair reduction. We use state of the art Intense Pulsed Light technology to deliver you the top notch product which could not only satisfy the need of your hair removal at home, but it should also deliver you cost effective solution without spending a lot over it.

Extremely Effective in Removing Unwanted Hair

It targets the melanin in the hair follicle with energy, heating the hair down to the root to harm the follicle without hurting the nearby skin and stopping the cycle of growth. the state of the art technology used in our portable laser hair removal device is extremely focused over giving laser hair removal at the comfort of your home without going to expensive place, that is what makes our device even more effective

What Specifications Does an IPL Laser Hair Removal Device Have?

IPL Laser Hair Removal emits a warm light on your skin which is very gentle, especially for the face or bikini line.

IPL Laser Hair Removal Device provides the same intensity that is only available in medical hair removal equipment. Your strongest hair can be removed with ease when light reaches deep into hair follicles.

To effectively stop your hair from growing back, a quick soft light pulse source is used. The Laser Hair Removal device features five different energy levels to accommodate different skin types. The intensity can be changed according to the skin type and rate of hair growth.

How Can You Remove Hair Using IPL Hair Removal at Home?

  • Silkys IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset is simple to use:
  • For hair removal, shave, epilate, or wax the region.
  • Choose the appropriate light level for your skin tone.
  • Place the IPL device firmly and vertically on the skin.
  • Put on eye protection by using glasses.
  • Activate the Portable laser hair removal device and wait for the “ready to flash” light to appear.
  • Select “flash” from the menu

The Silkys IPL Laser Hair Removal Device can treat your complete body as well as lower legs in less than 8.5 minutes**. You can skip the shaving step once the hair stops coming back and only use the IPL Laser Hair Removal Device to maintain your skin’s flawless smoothness.

Does it require any skills to use portable hair removal device at home?

The device does not require special skills in management, it is equipped with a convenient panel with switches, and a touch screen that displays the selected parameters and the status of the device.

 IPL is suitable for use in beauty parlors, beauty salons, and aesthetic medicine clinics.

IPL Device With Rejuvenation

Our new technology has been designed to deliver effective and long lasting hair removal at home, with results just in 4 weeks. Complete body

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